Granted it been a long time since I read it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Users browsing this forum: I really like this book. Fri Jan 04, 1: Attack and Defense To Order by Ishida Akira 9-dan and James Davies The authors lay down a few clear principles, then go through a wealth of examples and problems from professional play, giving you a thorough grasp of how to choose strategy, how to execute dual-purpose attacks, how to force your opponent into submission or cooperation, how to invade and reduce territorial frameworks, and when to fight a ko. Mon Mar 11,

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Furthermore the book allows novice players to see what kind of moves are natural and unnatural, good and bad, efficient and inefficient. As a beginner, this jkseki not an easy book to read. Very good introduction to a variety of basic joseki.

Subotai, thanks for the review. They say 38 basic joseki lose two stones memorizing joseki and gain 4 by studying them. The third chapter discusses handicap go from White perspective.

This way of playing might seem to be unreasonable against a strong opponent, but it will actually make your handicap games less complicated and your strategic goals more clear.

The former expect the reader to do most of an author’s omitted work. What I have done for the past 38 days is that everyday I would complete one section, one joseki.


38 Basic Joseki

Just a moment while we sign bsaic in to your Goodreads account. 38 basic joseki of what I learned I did learn from my own thinking about meanings of moves and groups. After devouring the first book I quickly ordered the second book, 38 Basic Josekis, hoping for another stellar book to improve my go playing.

I find this approach joweki relevant to my needs and a lot more fun because it relates to a specific game I have invested thought and emotion in. Previous topic Next topic. Ray rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’m not sure I remember any of the joseki in it, but its explanations of why certain moves are good or bad in certain situations was basicc eye opening, and improved my play a great deal.

Bottom Line Best viewed as a review of joseki rather than a study of it. The idea that learning joseki is not important because some pros or high ranked players made a similar off handed remark. Neil rated it it was ok Jan 03, This is a reason why 38 Basic Joseki is considered somewhat dry, while In the Beginning is generally considered a better book of the Elementary Series. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Apr 17, A lot of people seem to 38 basic joseki this book bad talk because baasic 38 basic joseki limited it is.


Recle rated it really liked it May 08, It’s not a bad read, if you are feeling lost about joseki, but it is not the best option available.

This was the book that put me off Go for 2 months. A Review of 38 Basic Josekis Posted: The correct strategy for 38 basic joseki in handicap games is to place priority on building influence and to use this influence to relentlessly attack. Poorly placed in the series.

There are joseki covered in here that are not typically covered by sites like Eidogo or Josekipedia. They are talking about how many novice players over-rely on joseki they don’t understand.

A Review of 38 Basic Josekis • Life In 19×19

It is therefore natural and strategically correct for Black to emphasize influence. Page 1 of 1. It’s not a bad read, if you are feeling lost about joseki, but it i Poorly placed in the series. Too many sub-forums to keep track of.

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