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Retrieved January 30, The other Straw Hat Pirates are informed that in two years from now, they will reunite with Luffy at the Sabaody Archipelago. Luffy, Ace and Sabo escape, but Luffy is captured by Porchemy. On Kuraigana Island, Zoro tries to use Mihawk’s boat to escape but is stopped by the humandrills. When Porchemy asks about Ace’s treasure, he refuses to answer and together, Ace and Sabo defeat Porchemy and Luffy is rescued.

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The executioners try to execute Ace again, but Luffy incapacitates them with his Haki of the Supreme King. Episodethe Toriko crossover, was omitted from the English home video releases.

Luffy vs. 3 Admirals: Ao Kiji, Akainu, and Kizaru HD 720p (READ DESC.)

As their faith in him is restored, Whitebeard then jumps into the fray, determined to save Ace even if he dies doing so. Volumes Chapters 1— — — — —current.

Jozu manages to withstand Mihawk’s slash with his Ajainu Fruit power, which turns his body into diamond. Shanks convinces the Marines, the Whitebeard Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates to stand down by saying that fighting will only lead to more casualties, and declaring that he will fight those who still wish to do so.

Zoro then proceeds to begin his training by fighting the Humandrills again.


Luffy vs. 3 Admirals: Ao Kiji, Akainu, and Kizaru HD p (READ DESC.) – video dailymotion

The fourteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animationand directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto. The next day, the nobleman has his family search for Sabo. Sanji is horrified to learn about Luffy’s recent involvement. He continues despite Ace’s protests that he is too large of a target and recalls the time Ace made him a hat that protected him from the weather. When Brook tells the shamans to release the Longarms, the tribe captures the skeletal musician.

Smoker attacks Luffy and manages to pin him down, but Hancock, angered by him attacking Luffy, attacks him and manages to kick him despite his Logia powers with her Haki. Mihawk then steps up and launches a large slash attack towards Whitebeard. They witness something falling from akaihu sky, which happens to be Luffy and the escaped prisoners from Impel Down. Sabo reveals that the forest is near Dadan’s house and together they akaibu there.

The hole left open by Little Oars Jr. Sengoku no Sakusen ” Japanese: Three more years pass and Luffy bids farewell to everyone as he departs on his journey to the Grand Line. After the death of Sabo, Ace and Luffy continue their training while the others discover the Revolutionaries’ ship.

At Hungaria, Brook is writing music for the Sdmiral Tribe when he loses his concentration and discovers Ace’s death. Bluejam takes Luffy and Ace to admidal hideout and forces the two to take supplies to the Grey Terminal. Luffy watches in horror as Ace’s vivre card is finally burned up.


Chopper flies on a bird when he receives Luffy’s message. When he pushes the button, it explodes, destroying the laboratory and seemingly killing Franky. Later, Bluejam guns down Porchemy for failing to capture the three children.

When his mat is burned, the shipwright scares off the Marines. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A tsunami approaches Marineford on both sides as a result of Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit abilities. Meanwhile, Bluejam gives the crew a message to Sabo’s father that they have found him.

As Luffy destroys the jungle, Jimbei discovers Luffy in a state of depression from realizing he is not dreaming, and that Ace really is dead. Luffy checks to see that Ace is still alive, then stops Crocodile from attacking Whitebeard. Kuma blasts Oars with Ursus ShockDoflamingo cuts off his leg, and Moria impales him with Spiky Shadow Lizardcausing him to collapse while trying to reach out to Ace.

Sakazuki (ONE PIECE) – Zerochan Anime Image Board

As those assembled watch in horror, he declares that his era has begun. When he is told that there is an ice breaker developed in Dr. Luffy charges forward to save Ace, fighting off the marines in the way.

Rayleigh then knocks out the elephant with Armament Hakianother technique used as an invisible shield and can render a Logia-type Devil Fruit user unconscious.

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