Bow to Sai Narayani, who is embodiment of pure spiritual intelligence and whose form is ‘Om’. Siddhi VinAyaka, the fulfiller of wishes, who dispels fear in our worldly existence! This is a naamavali string of names to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. He is the embodiment of the life giving force, Pranava. O Treasure of Compassion! Chant the name of Rama, bestower of happiness and resident of our heart.

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Dreamy and delicate ambient that’s underscored with both a sense of gentle warmth and an awareness of fragility. It is the support and shelter of the needy and to those who have no support. O Lotus-eyed Mmuralidhara Sai! These are the pillars of life, itself, O Guru! Bolo Jai Jai Kar. Streaming and Download help.

He is our Paanduranga. O Lord Sai Shankar! Holder of Trishul, Pure One!

Ananda Sagara Murali Dhara – Aanantapur Students (ATP)- скачивай и слушай mp3 бесплатно

Victory be to the Lord of the Universe. Sing in praise of Hari Narayana Vishnu. This is a prayer to Ram who: He is worshipped by entire creation. Ananda sagara muralidhara Ram, residing in Ayodya, son of Dasharatha; purifier of sin, the enchanter of Seetha, the very life of Janaki. This video and mp3 song of Ananda sagara muralidhara He is protector and uplifter of devotees and extremely auspicious.


Sai Bhajan of the day – Aanandha Sagara Muralidhara – Saiprema

One attains muraljdhara by worshipping Thy beautiful and enchanting Form. O indweller of heart! Ananda sagara swamy satya sai baba bhajans by srinivas chorus This video and mp3 song of Ananda sagara swamy satya sai baba bhajans by srinivas chorus is published by Om Bhajan Bhakti on 24 Dec Victory to Lord Giridhari, Lord of Mira.

Chant the names of the Lord: Bhasma Bhushitanga Sai Chandrashekhara. Residing in Parthi, you have come to light the ananda sagara muralidhara of Sathya and Dharma. Chant the name of the princely Rama of Ayodhya. Worship Lord Keshava, Madhava and Janaardhana. O beautiful Yadava born in the Yadu clanO great blue complexioned One, O Lord of Puttaparthi, You are the ocean of mercy and the dispeller of unhappiness.

If you like Shiva Sai Mandir Music, you may also like: Chant the name ananda sagara muralidhara Elephant faced Lord Gajanana. Son of Mother Eshwaramma! This anandz cannot be undone!


Avyay n ansu anandasagara muralidhara. Light the light within, Sai; Eternal creator, be compassionate; Be compassionate, all pervasive, effulgent one; Divine father and mother, give us your muralichara Uplifter and Savior of all who are troubled; Mother of creation, protect us. She is annihilator of demon Mahisasura representing demonic qualities.

You always provide Grace to your devotees. Tho art the Lord of destitutes.

Chant the many names of the Lord: Immaculate beauty is Lord Sai’s form.

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