This means configuring the AS-i Safety Monitor according to the software manual so that the location to be protected is in fact protected by the device. Mixed operation of standard components and safe components is possible. This function must be explicitly activated; the default setting is Deactivated. This means the controller can call up all safety information without any additional software parameter settings. Calculation of the AS-i relevant system reaction time:

asimon 3 g2

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The reliable operation of these networks More information.

LC Automation – AS-i Control Tools

Furthermore, an AS-i Address Assistant is available, allowing to perform an address change of aximon new AS-i slave to the desired address as soon as it is connected to the AS-i network. Select Master AS-i configuration. The last intermittent configuration error can also be displayed on the AS-i master: The result can be read in the same data set.

asimon 3 g2

Whenever the LCS is read it is deleted from memory. Disconnect the AS-i slave from the AS-i cable. User modification and or repair are dangerous and will void the warranty and exclude the manufacturer from any liability. A bank is referred to as an active bank.


Click on a slave to open the dialog window ‘slave configuration’. The function ground can be connected either to the grounding screw or to the terminal.

asimon 3 g2

Any configuration error occurring on AS-i switches the master from regular operation in protected mode into the offline phase. With the Asimon 3 G2 software, it is possible to redefine safety outputs as safety inputs if needed. Up-to-date address information is. Information about the IP addresses of the participating devices are also stored in the project structure.

This ensures line protection even when using large 24V power supplies.

asimon 3 g2

Sending of the AS-i parameter bits enabled. The non-safe unit continues to operate normally in this case and the menus can also be opened. Getting Started for First Time Users. Configuration may be performed only by a safety authorized asmon.

Please comply with all local ordinances when disposing this product! Activity yellow LED flashes yellow: No other power supplies are approved! Safety Monitor Article No.

Gateway with integrated safety monitor

News and reports Data visualization via tablet Data visualization via smartphone or tablet Using Ipehub2, the Ipemotion app and a Wifi connection it is now possible to transfer CAN data to a Unless otherwise stated, the operations described in the following are always performed on the active bank Data incompatible If a card with incompatible data is found, the following error message is output: Refer to the technical data for the slaves as well as azimon that for the sensors and actuators for the reaction times to be added.


The yellow cable must not have AS-i power suppliers or additional masters connected to it.

Integrate your Micros Fidelio Ho management system into your master More information. In smaller systems the user will even be able to do without a PLC altogether: The assignment of the coupling slaves addresses to the release circuits is made using the ASIMON software Chip card The chip card is divided into two areas. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described.

The name of the person releasing and the date are stored at this moment. How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples.

To recognize ground faults the master must be grounded with its machine ground connection. Remove control power and askmon supply from.

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