Moonfell Wood Tap to Rate. Use the AXE to cut down the rotten tree A. Sophia has awakened after leaving the Dreamless castle without using magic because she was the first human to born without it. The story engages you immediately as it is presented as a beautifully illustrated storybook. The goblin waits for you to return with berries I. Click on 2 tiles to swap positions. Click on the jewel chest to find the pearl.

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Since your environment is incredibly detailed, you will have to search carefully to find the items you need. There is a goals list that is helpful in keeping on the right path. The first click of a moonfsll will light a part of the pattern blue.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood

Next, find the pairs shaped like hearts; they are marked in blue and white. Moonfell Wood After awaking from awakening moonfell wood full game century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a world that is devoid of people! Click on 2 pieces of glass to swap positions; click again to rotate a piece of glass. Help her find her friends! Look over the edge of the building G.


Part one of this mini-game is restoring the center diagram C. Some positions also require the item be in a jar. Twisted Fate Walkthrough Halloween Stories: Repair the paper to learn how to collect Everlasting Oil. Moonfell Wood Very good storyline along with good visual and sound Click on each section to find the rose pieces H.

Place the marbles in the matching color slots. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to complete Awakening: Assemble the garden shears by placing the pieces awakening moonfell wood full game the outline. Look at the close-up of the rock pile on the right R. Note the armory cabinet on the right U. Share on Facebook Share Tweet Gift this game. For example, you may be required to find 12 moons that are nicely hidden on a beautifully painted Tarot card.

Look at the backpack for a hidden object scene J. You must guide Princess Sophia through incredible landscapes and help her solve difficult tasks and puzzles, finding clues and magical hidden objects along the way. Click on Mira D. Look at the lectern for a mini-game. Click on the rings to rotate them into position to form the symbol P.


Awakening: Moonfell Wood (PC) –

Once you start the game, you will have the option of a brief tutorial. It has a story that is captivating. Walk down 7 times and enter the pavilion. DFG is constantly expanding, striving to bring its audience the most entertaining game downloads found on the Internet.

Awakening 2: Moonfell Wood Walkthrough – Gamezebo

Wold at the mini-game on the left. Walk down twice to exit the tower. This information will be in your journal. Look at the bench with the pots on the right.

Dark Knowledge Walkthrough Haunted Manor: To advance a line of dialogue at a time, click the right-mouse button. Button 2 swaps the flowers at the 2 and 6 positions.

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