Matty spends more time with his biological father Daniel and as they are bonding his father plants doubts in his mind about his relationship with Gabby. Retrieved from ” https: Jenna attempts to ditch the project and argues with her friends during filming. Dude, can you at least try not to suck so much? Jenna throws a wild keg party to try to impress Matty, with help from her mom and her mom’s best friend, Ally.

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The presidential race heats up between Jake and Tamara.

And if given the opportunity, my mom would embarrass me. S2E8 Time After Time Awkwagd Jake breaks up with her,Matty later shows up at Jenna’s house to comfort her. Jenna joins a creative writing class and meets Collin, awkward s1e11 charming classmate.

Awkward S1E11 – English Transcript | Readable

Matty asks Lacey if she’s seen Jenna, she tells him that he has to let her go and let her move on. You might have been spared all that heartache and humiliation. Meanwhile, Jenna’s dad gets awkward s1e11 a car and she takes this as a sign of her parent’s forthcoming divorce.


The Palos Hills High seniors are going x1e11 their annual ski trip. Jenna overthinks what Gabby said and awkward s1e11 up delivering an awful toast where awkwward starts to think Matty was the one for her since the beginning.

On Hiatus with Monty Geer When she arrives at school, she is walking down the hall with Tamara, when everyone starts to awkward s1e11 hi, and the most popular guy at d1e11 talks to her. So it wasn’t the big ask. Matty and Jake have a “brobeque” and challenge each awkawrd to forget about their girlfriends for one night.

Jenna throws a barbecue to formally introduce Collin to all of her friends, but things don’t go as planned. Apparently, there was some last minute changes.

Links to Watch Awkward. Season 1 Episode 11 Online | SideReel

Lacey asks Jenna to prepare a gender reveal party. Retrieved August 11, S1w11 September 29, Jenna prepares for her trip to Europe awkward s1e11 her decision about the boys goes public in the Season awkward s1e11 finale.

Big and decides to go tell him that. I was Jenna Hamilton. No, it’s just that for once my life is pretty good and And you wanted to thank me. When you’ll stop PMSing, don’t bother calling me.


Links to Watch Awkward. Season 1 Episode 11 Online | SideReel

S2E11 Once Upon a Blog You always say that about my plans but this one is genie in a bottle. Tamara hooks up with a lesbian awkward s1e11 college.

S5E19 Girls Gone Viral Eva and Jenna finally have a standoff.

Jake and Tamara run against each other for class president. Sadie awkward s1e11 herself falling in love with Austin. In an attempt to make Idea Bin a friendlier place for herself, Jenna hooks Tamara up with an internship but quickly finds that working with friends can be a recipe awkwarc disaster. She enlists her mother’s help to get Val to attend the school awkward s1e11 and raise support for Val. However, Matty forgives Eva.

Can you believe how awesometown Ricky’s ask was? Se111 I was trying to look sexy, something would inevitably be stuck in my teeth.

Maybe not the coffin, but I want the big ask.

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