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Is has been added and cut over and over again. Azusa, Lost but Seeking. You may notice that this list contains a lot of older cards. Jamming Mind’s Eye as early as possible allows you to match the card draw of the table at the cost of our abundant mana. It can also help you set up land drops from the top of your deck using Oracle of Mul Daya or Courser of Kruphix. Your chances of winning skyrocket when you are able to play a turn 1 or 2 Azusa. At first glance it appears to be mint but under close inspection you can see minimal wear.

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Did it consistently help you draw into relevant spells? If your group is all right with a sideboard, though, this card should certainly be in it. Regrowth is a card that is a staple in Green decks everywhere. That is because I feel that without any blink effects to abuse the ETB triggers, they are just too fair to keep up with a normal EDH crowd. See each listing for international wzusa options and costs.

Azuwa chances of winning skyrocket when you are able to play a turn 1 or 2 Azusa. All monocolored generals have the same deficiency, and that is that they have trouble interacting with other players in ways that stretch outside of their share of the color pie. This combination results in a lot of wins, and usually ends up being a good plan if the combat step is looking a little too shaky for investing too many resources in.

Wraths are really important to have in your deck as azsa.


Azusa, Lost but Seeking (Magic the Gathering) | Cardmarket

I hope everyone likes the number of lands you have, because you won’t be having more than that for the rest of the game! The enchantments that hit play are expensive, super important to this deck and do a lot of the work for us, so we would really like to keep them around. If someone else plays a World Enchantment after that, the original Azksa Enchantment will be placed into the graveyard by state-based action.

In a 3 or 2 person game, I like to use my disruption spells like Acidic Slime or [card[ Terastodon to punish greedy manabases or just deny your opponents mana needed to cast their spells.

Magic Market Index for April 12, Now that you know if you are interested in this deck or not, let’s get on to the deck list. I end up passing on the extra cards if I see an untimely Concordant Crossroads and have a shuffle effect, like a fetch land to help get rid of it.

Worldly tutor can hit the same things, but I am more than happy to use it to jam a turn 2 Rofellos. Tower of Fortunes is a dreadfully terrible card, unless you can pay the 8 to activate it, then play all 4 cards you have drawn for it. The Chord of Calling box is just the other two, combined.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking

I love it, I’ve tried to figure out how to play Azusa. Magic Market Index for April 12, This does not mean that you should try to use Azusa to get in for damage early. It can also help you set up land drops from the top of your deck using Oracle of Mul Daya or Courser of Kruphix. Yet another problem I have with the King and Queen of 3 mana ramp spells is that they are not able to be played off of Courser of Kruphix or Oracle of Mul Daya. Azusa it a powerful mono green zausa that allows you to play more than one land each turn.


I know, what am I thinking? Be careful, it is a bit of a wombo-combo with Akroma’s Memorial. You might have noticed that these two cards pop up a lot next to each other, and for good reason. Holding back lands is a good way to allow someone to myg value off of a spot removal spell targeting Azusa. On a side note, there is enough recursion in this deck to not have to worry too much about pulling the trigger on either too early. I’d love this primer to be an interactive and living document.

It’s a close line azussa this and Avenger, but Avenger just works so much better with Green Sun’s Zenith and Cord of Calling azuea really make the difference for me. A little bit about Azusa: To make up for that, there are some great card draw effects that allow azuda to bypass the card hemorrhage that is your early game.

Browse the inventory on eBay for assorted desirable brand names, like Wizards of the Coast. Another turn one accelerant, which we like, but asusa super narrow as it only cares about blue players, islands specifically, so it may not even get too much value early on against RUG and BUG players because they are more focused on getting green mana sources early in the game. While these artifacts might not always be the most efficient, we will be able to make up for that by pressing our big advantage:

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