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Right after the Eclipse, we see her bathing in an underground cascade. She is also jealous because Griffith has never shown her the kind of trust and openness that he shares with Guts. While they succeed in freeing Griffith, his crippled body means the Band of the Hawk is forced to disband. Took a Level in Badass: Especially so right after the Eclipse, and for obviously understandable reason. Casca did not die but was “lost” via a brutal Stuffed into the Fridge scenario that ended with her being psychologically gone, unable to remember Guts or have an actual loving relationship with him. She even mimics Farnese’s feeding routine in order to feed the little boy.

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The ’97 anime’s Spanish dub changed her name to “Kyasca,” just like the Japanese spelling, perhaps to avoid the implications of how “Casca” would sound in Spanish see Meaningful Name.

She and Guts are the love of each other’s lives, but cruel circumstances that began with the Eclipse have made it impossible herserk them to be together no matter how short the physical distance between them.

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Averted in the new movie, where they share a beautifully-animated dance scene. As tragic as her condition is, her madness is Played for Laughs at times, as she can frequently be seen playing with or nibbling on things that interest her in the background, like pearls, sausage linksa torturer’s mask, and Puck.

At this moment he sees Guts. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And although they might not have the best relationship right now, Casca’s presence serves as a reminder to Guts of what he has to gain if he completes his quest and what he doesn’t want to lose. What’s more, is that she isn’t attracted to him due to his ultra-manliness and bersero badassery, she loves him for his righteousness and his kindness and consideration towards her.


The movies reveal that Casca has a rather bashful side in general, as she is blushing when the Hawks are on parade through the streets of Wyndam and the women and children are congratulating her for their victory at Doldrey. One also has to wonder if caca is even aware of herself in her insanity.

Samus Is a Girl: She was also more nervous than Guts during Their First Time. Griffith, in the form of Femto, puts a stop to the attempt, only so that he can rape her himself.

Berserk – Casca restored, regains memory

From to ! Perhaps the most notable example was when Wyald stripped off her armor and tore her clothing practically to rags. Early in the Millennium Falcon arc, Guts temporarily loses control to the Beast bdrserk Darkness inside him and sexually assaults Casca, but he regains his senses just in time to stop himself from raping her. As cruel as Griffith’s ” This Is Something Bersekr Got to Do Herself ” appeared to be at first, making Casca kill her attempted rapist was her first step in badass, as she was just going to allow the guy to rape her before Griffith showed up.

Some fans think she’s black akin to medieval Moors, also drawing evidence from her namesome think she’s Kushan which seems to be based on Middle Eastern and Cacsa Asian peoplesand still others propose some other ethnicity or a mixture of two or more.

Casca’s post-Eclipse behavior has become an issue for Guts, who is still sexually attracted to Casca and he really wants her emotional and physical love. From Dress to Dressing: For extra symbolism, she ties it around his upper arm, where a knight would traditionally display his lady’s favor.

Acsca acts tough, has short hair, and wears csaca clothing, but she also uses a lighter sword and armor with subtle touches of femininity in their design, enabling her to fight more gracefully than her male comrades using nimble flips and somersaults. Unfortunately, she’s just as much a danger to herself and her allies as she is to her opponents. Madwoman in the Attic: Compared to other female characters in the series, Casca’s eyebrows are much thicker, especially in the manga and 90s anime.


But it’s been shown that she still won’t back down given the cascw. While she doesn’t exactly hate feminine things, she’s gotten used to wearing male clothing for convenience, and feels more like she knows what she’s doing when in a masculine environment. Had shades of this pre-Eclipse.

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Granted, a lot of those are rape attempts played for Fan Disservicebut the same cannot be said for her love scene with Guts or the more playful scenes of her bathing with Farnese in later chapters. It’s definitely twisted in that Casca became so pure as a result of her insanitywhich was caused by her getting brutally raped. Even Casca has a bit of this in her – justifiably when she is actually insane.

This has taken its emotional toll on Guts, who is truly ashamed at what he did to her but desperately yearns for her emotional and physical affection. Fearing what he might do to her if he loses control again and recognizing that he has reached his limit, he decides to accept the help of a new group of companions to accompany them on their journey to Elfhelm, where the Elfen Queen of the Flower Storm may have the power to restore Casca’s mind.

That’s why we cling to one another, to our dreams. Regarding the second, she acknowledges and feels bad about her jealousy after getting to know Charlotte better, saying that it’s hard to hate someone who’s so kind and considerate toward her. Casca in her prime was acknowledged and demonstrated to be a better fighter than most men, and throughout the Golden Age arc she performs amazing feats of gymnastics, swordplay, and horsemanship.

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