Medical Claims Processing DocuSense: Select the General tab. Select the check box for Use Advanced barcode detection dialog. Scanner integration — Gain compatibility with more than types of scanners and deploy document capture quickly and easily. The Batch Manager allows users to easily check how many documents or pages are in a batch, as well as when a batch was scanned, indexed, and exported.

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Users can improve image clarity with clean-up filters that improve data recognition results. QuickScan Pro pri flexible job separation at scan time via patch codes, barcodes, blank pages, and page count, allowing scanned images to be conveniently segmented into multi-page files or directories. QuickScan Pro enables organizations to scan documents in batches, view automatically separated documents, and manipulate files before exporting them in popular file formats.

As the scanner reads a barcode, it will separate the batch into separate documents. Batch Manager captva the progression and status of each batch to help the user make sure that work is not duplicated and each document is queued for review.

Managed mode — Enable ad-hoc scanning for multiple users to share profiles over a network, simplifying deployment emc captiva quickscan pro workgroups. Click Install to start the installation. This provides a free launch trial. With QuickScan Pro, users process documents quicksccan efficiently and reduce emc captiva quickscan pro eliminate storage and filing costs associated with maintaining hard copy versions.

QSP users may not be effected as long as they do not upgrade the operating system QSP is emf on.

Image annotations — Enhance images with highlighting, apply redaction, sticky notes, and more with desktop document capture.


Enter your name, organization, the serial number and click Next. SharePoint connectivity — Deliver extracted data directly to SharePoint from paper documents processed through desktop captia. In addition to supporting standard binary and color-capable scanners, QuickScan Pro also supports advanced document scanning features including MultiStream and Automatic Color Detection.

QuickScan Pro

Select the QSB check box. QuickScan Pro Batch Manager allows users to easily navigate multiple batches. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next. This version can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7.

EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro

QuickScan Pro is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that are ready to replace the time consuming and error-prone emc captiva quickscan pro of manually managing paperwork with a complete document solution that capptiva capable of handling thousands of documents. Select the Complete setup type and click Next. This desktop scanning solution can also be easily integrated into document management systems, serving as the scan modules for delivering captured, enhanced images into a content management system.

The Batch Manager allows users to easily check how many documents or caaptiva are in a batch, as well as when a batch was scanned, indexed, and exported. In the Thumbnail size field, select Large 64 x QuickScan Pro image enhancement filters can reduce file sizes to make them easier to send and more efficient to store. Installing the Barcode Font for Document Scanning If you plan on using cover sheets with barcodes to separate emc captiva quickscan pro documents during scanning, you will need to create them using a barcode font.

Change to inc VAT prices. Managed Mode also allows multiple QuickScan Pro users to share profiles over a network instead of maintaining multiple profiles for each user. QSP is to be installed on the workstation that is connected to a scanner.


QuickScan Pro Vendors

ISIS Drivers ensure that scanners run at their rated speeds and take full qujckscan of the power inherent in the hardware. QuickScan Pro includes multi-page document editing capabilities, allowing users to append a multi-page document, delete or insert an image in a multi-page document, drag and drop an image from one place in a file to another, and much more.

E File UK Ltd.

QuickScan Pro features an automatic file naming function, which allows users not only to assign names to files, but to organize those files as well. QuickScan Pro QSP is the leading desktop imaging solution for high-speed scanning, image enhancement, OCR, viewing, redaction, annotation, printing, and storing images for both black and white and colour images.

Filters include barcode recognition, threshold, automatic blank page deletion, line removal, border removal, vaptiva cropping, de-skew, patchcode recognition, noise removal, rotation, hole removal, and digital stamp.

EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro from EDAC Systems

Download 30 day free trial. Check your operating system’s documentation for more information on how to install a font.

Scanned document images can be displayed and manipulated with features like fast scaling zoom in and outrotation, and scale-to-gray.

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