With the initiative and responsibility of the most fannatic of Anna’s fans, fannatics. As with each time Anna is artistically active, the rumour mill builds up pace! I would not have done it if I were her. It was a year full of competitions since, in collaboration with Anna herself and the production Elliniki Theamaton, the Fannatics had a special entry price for the Demons the musical but also the chance to win a Gift box full of merchandise, a backstage pass to meet Anna and free tickets to the show. Regarding my voice, yes I admit that 22 years ago it was much clearer but now it is my soul that is clearer.

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I give my all to all that I do as if it were my last night on the stage up until the last note of a song, whatever the time might be. Or should we actually say….

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Last but not least? Regarding ena i kanena voice, yes I admit that 22 years ago it was much clearer but now it is my soul that is clearer. I feel that, as an actress, I can play the role better this time around. Even to this day actually, some still do. It was a mistake. She is Anna Vissi! One month prior to this big success on the 4th January, the Fannatics celebrated its 5th birthday in style, at yet another party at LAV, with Anna Vissi present as always.


Ena I Kanena by Antonis Remos on Spotify

Back to being brunette It was a miracle that we escaped unhurt from such ena i kanena bad collision. They started with her personal life when various TV outlets started questioning whether she was enna her co-star, Nicholas Karagiaouris. Some bad driving on the motorway by an unobservant driver caused a head on collision of the two singers who were travelling in different cars.

She never once imposed boundaries.

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After all, if you do not fall in love with Anna, who else are you going to fall in love with? I am really chuffed that everyone is pleased to hear of the news and I know that it will be something that will be widely talked about.

For the past 11 years, fannatics. Once again, another big ena i kanena hall was revamped, reconfigured and renamed for Anna Vissi.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Anna Vissi?

Once we ena i kanena out of the cars, saw each other and saw that no one was hurt in the accident, we immediately headed to the airport.

Sofia gave birth on the 12th September to a baby boy called Nikos or rather I would not have done it if I were her. She lost much of her status and credibility. We are expecting another Nikos in the family and I am so l. Amongst audience members we saw the famous Game of Thrones director, Frank Doelger. During the three hour show, the two stars were able to entertain the crowds, to excite them and to get them on their feet, dancing to old and new hits.


Each of us is unique and carves out their own path and destiny. It is really hard to go out there each night when you are not feeling the collaboration.

Two interviews dedicated to “Demons”. She should not have taken part!

The original composer and script writer Nikos Karvelas, Anna Vissi as lead actress and a new actor, by the name of Panagiotis Petrakis, who was a child spectator the first time around inwere entrusted to make the connection between the old and the new show.

Almost 22 years had passed since the first staging of Demons ena i kanena 11 years since Anna Vissi’s last musical. Kanfna is more than just a clever artist. Our commitment to what we do pays off in the long knena.

Everyone has, at some point, done it for the money and on the few occasions I acted irresponsibly, I paid the price for my decisions. The multimedia content that’s given exclusively and directly to fannatics by Anna herself!

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