The defining core of Apple, Macs are what constructively distorted history pushing us further into the digital era. This can be substantiated by contemplating the camera icon. Having this theme active on your iPhone frames an extra level of charisma that truly is eye-catching. Just check out the latest and the dankest bits from the world of apps. Won’t you come back? Enter username or email. How to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone using iTunes.

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I hahve problems everytime I install anemone, it crashes my jailbrake and i have to do it all over agian. I hope you enjoy these themes as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Although, the best part about this 4a is that it also offers to modify the status bar, the respring logo, the classic UI sounds, the classic labels, and the classic icons for the settings app to match the iOS 6 habiliment.

Best iOS Cydia jailbreak themes- 2 [Updated]

Mint 2 is the second monotony of the original Mint theme. Winning and Failing at the same moment! Depending on which version you choose, you get a different set of app badges, page dots, status bars and even activity spinners. The defining core of Apple, Macs are what constructively distorted history pushing us further into the digital era.



Well, it seems palpable. Similarly, a life is no life without apps. It has iridescent icons that look good on any iPhone, preferably the black variants.

Well, with this theme, you can get that look. Apart from the chronic paraphernalia, Onix packs in more than icons, not to mention the standalone control center and the settings theme.

20 New Beautiful iPhone 4S themes

The colors on the icons are splendidly faded which accord an eye-soothing getup when looked upon the screen from a distance. Its icons have been given an EMUI look, but fare much better and are less shiny. Only problem with Echo is that notification badges look dislocated. Nevertheless, Mint 2 is available from the Macciti repo: Skip to the list!

This theme, thankfully, elevates the effect of that rule. Uh, not too great, unlike the theme itself. It has circular masking on all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs. You also need to note that, these themes are exclusively meant for the iPhone, and not the iPad. In this list of the best jailbreak themes, Lotus is one of the most culminating. This is why it gains the title of the simplest theme in this list. The first part of this post subsumed of just 8 themes. It is available on kphone official Electra repo.


WinterBoard Themes for iPad. Equix iphone 4s theme, what could you anyways do to make your iPhone look exceptional? Top iPhone Themes equxi.

Best iPhone Themes

Why is My Internet So Slow? Equix iphone 4s theme thousands of themes to choose from, you will hardly face any ipuone when it comes 4x Apple iPhone customization.

Once you installed a replacement software, the iPhone themes available at ThemeIt, Cydia or iThemeSky, will be just a ‘finger-tap’ away for you; and theming is just one of the several perks that these replacement software have to offer. Amury is the theme that goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Lotus- the first theme in this list.

You can check out this theme here. It may come as a surprise for many, but the best themes for iPhone available at the Cydia Theme Center are just a part of iphons large world which also includes iPhone compatible themes from sources like iThemeSky and ThemeIt.

However, applying that theme could be a bit tricky for beginners.

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