Not recommended but If you want you can control part of the resources through game’s map generator at start of a new game. Flying text indication for items collected while placing a building for instance a rotated transport belt. Gonna be a hell of a trip getting a line back out there but that’s what the rail layer is for. Fixed crash in map editor when building transport belts after building diagonal rail tracks more. Loading mod StraightPipes 0. Fixed unnecessary drawing of pipe covers in some cases, not visible in normal game, but allows cad-like mods to be precise more. You can configure spawning properties of specific resource or leave resource generation to base Perlin generator.

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Version history/0.10.0

Fixed bug when blueprints were “looting” the items from transport belt to grounds more. Added checks for validity of allocated bitmaps to work around a bug on some intel graphics cards on Factorio 0.10.2 more Fixed that changing text of textfield from script didn’t update the text of the field until the game was reloaded more.

Consistent stack sizes for guns.

Simple API to write to disk makefile, removepath. Added new icons pipe, pipe to ground, plastic bar, engines, iron facgorio, stone, raw wood. Loading mod DyTech-Tools 1. Factorio 0.10.2 All configuration is done by editing config. Fixed extremely low placement probabilities of worms. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.


Fixed crash when Escape was pressed with the map exchange string field focused in the new game dialog more.

Corrupted saves don’t crash the game to desktop, just give an error message. The amount of pink balls you get, don’t remember what they are called.

Automatic updater won’t work because of technical problems. The repair speed of repair packs didn’t affect construction robots repair speed when using these. Factorio 0.10.2 bug when effect fachorio beacon was applied twice after load. Solved that GUI of removed mods stayed in the save forever, it is removed now. This applies generally on any transparent part of the GUI more.

Fixed that the inventory didn’t get sorted after the container couldn’t be mined as all the items couldn’t fit the inventory more. Views View View source History. TheSAGuy factorio 0.10.2 please take a look at new version should be more useful and lava is fixed.

[MOD ] Resource Spawner Overhaul – v – Factorio Forums

Fixed leak in path finding that was causing huge saves more. Reduced the saving time autosave included. Fixed unloadable save from 0. Loading factorii DyTech-Inserters 1.


Biters gave me few problems, although late game the spawners covered pretty much the entire perimeter outside my factorio 0.10.2 outposts, sometimes even spawning new nests right beside my forward radar arrays factorio 0.10.2 i have about half a dozen, to keep taps on the region. Changing the value changes the display adapter monitor that is used.

Version history

Fixed that laser turrets were not working when built near factorio 0.10.2 boundaries more. Loading mod SmartSplitters 0.

Fixed bug with wrong signal placement more. Loading mod testingmode 0. Smoother car acceleration and braking. Fixed that player turrets could be walked through after reconstructed. For player, robots take just enough items to fulfill exactly the requested amount, so he doesn’t get more than he asked for.

[MOD ] Resource Spawner Overhaul – v – Page 4 – Factorio Forums

Fixed crash when starting the game with dutch translation active. Fixed the error reporting with fault definition. Loading mod Liquid-Station-Mod 0.

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