Or shape a tired sample into something lively and vibrant. On any questions, please check our FAQs first — maybe the answer is already there. Your unlock key will be sent to the email address that you enter during the payment process. Cons Filters could sound fatter. Log in for upgrades including Bundle upgrades.

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We stumbled upon awesome sound after awesome sound playing around with percussion loops, shaping background atmospherics and working up filtershaper 2 pads. Our unique editing tools let you add panning effects fast, and with pinpoint detail.

For evolving, fluid modulation filetrshaper rhythmic patterns, for surgical panning edits of single hits within a loop, for subtle oscillation or intense motion from left to right.

Buy FilterShaper Core Now!

7 Skies’s Cableguys FilterShaper 2 Plugin | Equipboard®

FilterShaper 2 is a filter plug-in that enables you to draw complex curves that can be used as waveforms for the LFOs. Buy FilterShaper 3 Now! Or shape a tired sample filtershaper 2 something lively and vibrant. The demo is fully functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance per song and you can’t save your settings.

Cableguys | PanShaper 2

All main controls have their own modulation section with two flexible LFOs and one envelope follower each. Buy VolumeShaper 5 Now! For dualband sidechain, set up filter one to manage the lows and assign filter two to the highs.


Transactions are handled through Share-it. Duck out the bass when the kick hits, take out the highs to emphasize a snare — simply draw the curve for each as required. Multiband modulation controls provide the final touch for in-depth editing — the possibilities are wider than you can imagine.

The response from each is pretty standard, although they can sound shrill when the resonance is cranked up – we’d prefer a throatier, fatter sound. Alternatively, you can also contact us via contact cableguys. Hands-on with Computer Music magazine. Another major gripe is the fact it’s difficult to work out how your curve correlates to the metre of the piece. Good range of filter types.

Your unlock key will be sent to the email address that you enter during the payment process. Log in filtershaper 2 upgrades including Bundle upgrades. And filtershaper 2 community-powered, ever-growing library of presets provides starting points and inspiration for your own sounds. Buy FilterShaper 3 Now! Total Precision Control FilterShaper 3 excels at surgically precise control.

Cons Filters could sound fatter. FilterShaper 3 is a bonkers frequency-sculpting plugin that can achieve mind-bogglingly intricate modulation while managing to make all of this simple and approachable. Buy Curve 2 Now! So it seems filtershaper 2 Cableguys’ FilterShaper 2 filtershaper 2 arrived right on time.


Check out fkltershaper first half of our dubstep bass example to hear this in action:. During the payment process, you will be asked to enter your email address. Limited number fiotershaper breakpoints. PanShaper takes stereo control filtershapr a new level.

Cableguys releases FilterShaper 2 public beta

On any filtershaper 2 issues, please let us know which operating system, which Cableguys plugin and which DAW you’re using, and if you’re running your DAW in or bit. Thank You For Your Download. For pinpoint tweaking of the modulation curves and a close-up oscilloscope view, open filtershaper 2 the detail panel.

Buy ShaperBox Bundle Now! This limit is rather unfortunate – it’s not nearly enough for creating intricate dubstep bass modulations, to name just one example.

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