Add Buddy Sign up to access this! Keetalus 4 The Escape Plan kills. The Gift of Punch. Ingame Queries You can query all statistics ingame. Auto Retry-Banning On server with points-rating, players often retry to play in the winning-team. Jason 4 Sun-on-a-Stick kills.

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Don’t Run, Its Just Steak. Agric Artel removerandomcrits 8 shovel kills. Hlstatsx 2 kills with deflected grenade. Hlstatsx that’s a knife. T 6 kills with hlstatax Force-A-Nature. Say no to mini sentries. You are currently viewing the basic version of this page, please enable JavaScript and reload the page to access full functionality.

One to beam up! Players can see how hlstatsx rating changed on the server since they connected. Hunter 3 shotgun kills. Proceed to android hell.

Improved database design and accelerated queries! Add Buddy Hlstatsx up to access this! We’ve got a bleeder. Enraged Joined 12y ago.


HLstatsX | Counter-Strike: Source Modding Tools

Mixed ya right up! T 2 Mantreads kills Got something for ya! Chef Boyardee 5 hlstatsx taunt kills. Seanster 4 kills with The Powerjack. This also includes skill-change.

Players Locations with Google Map Now it is possible to display the location of every player on your server live! Say Thanks Sign up to access this! Keetalus 3 Scottish Handshake kills. Spike 1 kills with the Fists hlstatsx Steel. Spike 1 shotgun hlstatsx.

HLstatsX Community Edition – Contents

Spike 12 times dominated. Got something for ya! Give It a Little Blow.

Void 3 Unarmed Combat kills. Flappy Boi 5 Maul kills.

HLstatsX 1.6.13

HolDeNlbs Joined 11y ago. Save A Cow, Eat mor Chikin. Spike 32 scattergun kills. Ingame Queries You can query hlstatsx statistics ingame. Guest Joined 13y ago.

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