The Three Piece girls are quite possibly the lamest girls I’ve ever seen. Overall, Infinite Days was a refreshingly unconventional book. So swoon worthy and my 1 literary crush at the moment. There’s the trio of shallow mean girls who serve no purpose. This book takes a unique take in the Vampire field.

infinite days rebecca maizel

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The ending is of course is a big cliffhanger. Rhode has enrolled her at the very secluded and exclusive Wickham Boarding School.

Tony is inches away from becoming a sick stalker. I really loved this book!

infinite days rebecca maizel

Who knows, maybe I would have felt differently had he been hanging solo before his big soiree with Lenah. I know I tend to repeat the word ‘shallow’ quite often in this review, but it’s for a reason. This Infinite Days book review was written by Patty.

Rhode has quite simply thought of everything. View all 8 comments. She also has the sexiest men in her life.

Vampire Queen Series

Most of the vampires we catch glimpses of are Twilight-y and sparkly and nice. I tried to keep my expectations realistic before going into this book.

The climax of the story was a little fast for me I know brick walls with more personality. After all, there was a supernatural ritual; a mysterious vampire willing to give his un life for the heroine; a true love lost!


Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Rhode was my fave character probably because of his ultimate sacrifice for Lenah. Apr 16, Steph Su rated it it was ok Shelves: Lenah is explains it this way: I should know better than to judge a book by it’s cover. maizl

infinite days rebecca maizel

A group of teenagers use fake IDs to sneak into a club. I liked how her thoughts would linger to dark and malicious to light and compassionate with almost every page. Tired of incessantly predictable vampire novels rife with love triangles? Only by remembering what things felt like as a human would my vampire mind understand whether I infinkte touching something soft or hard.

The vampires suffer constant pain, of the sort that no mere human could ever understand – alleviated only very briefly by the usual – killing humans, sucking their blood, enjoying their rebceca.

A few words about the audiobook: He groaned when he met my eyes.

infinite days rebecca maizel

I pressed my back into the seat so no one else would be able to see the tattoo. No, really, she says that, though exactly what he does other than dump his bitchy girlfriend for her and take mqizel bungee-jumping??


Vampire Queen Series by Rebecca Maizel

I actually felt like I was watching a movie in my head. So she makes the most obvious choices: The characters I usually feel bad giving terrible reviews, because I realise a lot of effort goes into writing the book, and a lot of the time it’s just not my kind of book. From the moment she sees Justin it’s Justin this and Justin that. So Lenah hibernates for years during which Rhode searches everything to rebwcca the ritual for her.

Rebecca Maizel

There are some choices that the author made in the last parts of the book that I liked because they were difficult. I, for one, loved it. Unfortunately, Lenah had no way of knowing how her transition would affect the one who performs it. Maizel has created a fresh new twist on vampires that I think readers will enjoy.

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