Spatial Analysis A spatial data interface has been incorporated to allow the user to import any type of geo referenced data to support the hydraulic modeling exercise. Meet Regulatory Standards InfoWorks WS Pro enables water companies to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers. Without competition on the market, the platform allows for an unlimited number of users to work simultaneously in shared spatial databases. Critical or hydraulically difficult events do not stop the simulation or slow it down. InfoWorks provides more options for data import than any other modeling software. We have developed and always use our own quality control systems in the designing process involving automated data validation tools.

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The main types of services are:. Simulation Engine Infoworkks InfoWorks WS Pro uses a state of the art simulation engine, its speed and simulation control are unparalleled in water supply modeling.

Meet Regulatory Standards InfoWorks WS Pro enables water companies to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers.

Ballard, Terry Online Contents The basic licensing options are: Infoworks ws subjects Browse through journals Browse through infoworks ws. AquaMOD Ltd offers a complete set of services in expert designing of water supply and sewer systems:. Additional cost savings can be achieved with the following licensing options:. Automated Fire Hydrant Testing runs can be applied to any network to determine if the fire-flow criteria for the residual pressures at the hydrant, zone, or system is satisfied.

Water Distribution Modeling and Management

We are infoworks ws small but highly wz team of co-founders and shareholders. Page navigation Document information Similar titles. Planning of short and long term FS campaigns for water supply systems — for infowoeks model calibration verification infoworks ws, for a development of general water supply schemes, for PMA and leakage control programs. Benchmarks show it’s the fastest Benchmark speed testing against other simulation engines shows InfoWorks WS Pro to be significantly faster than any other water distribution engine up to 10 times faster in some cases.


This enables the user to specify the size and characteristics of control valves and pumps and confirm that they are fit for purpose. InfoWorks WS Pro supports the direct import of the following models.

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

The powerful simulation engine behind InfoWorks Infoworks ws Pro was developed specifically for analysing water supply and infowrks networks.

For more information please contact us. InfoWorks Infoworrks Pro has the ability to utilise recorded information downloaded from all commonly used data loggers: Hydraulic Modelling Extensive experience and good engineering practice built upon the latest software technologies In addition, existing OS infoworks ws priveleges can be asigned to control access to certain model groups and enablling the infoworks ws control of multiple users on multiple projects. InfoWorks WS Pro enables the automatic definition of a demand pattern infoworkss unprofiled demand based on telemetry data, taking into account leakages and known demand patterns.

The built-in functionality is truly easy to use so even users with standard computer skills can set up complex multi-user modelling environments without the need of IT professional support. The same values build up the strong basis of our approach to you – our Customers!

A user can create multiple infoworsk of chlorine behaviour or hazardous pollution with various substances within the network and under real-time conditions.

Laga Systems Pvt Ltd | InfoWorks WS PRO

The MS can be executed in several stages in accordance to the Client’s specific needs:. Model data security, with respect to deletion and recovery, is infoworks ws through archive and back up of the ‘master’ infoworks ws database. This methodology enables swift predictive analysis of leakage and Per capita consumption changes.


Integrated result comparison of multiple simulations makes external analysis unnecessary. InfoWorks WS Pro provides a comprehensive model management solution that will enable analysis and management of distribution network models more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

InfoWorks WS Pro makes it easier than ever to determine whether pumps are capable of meeting required flow rate at a certain pressure, and the amount of infoworks ws they need. Model Building Tools InfoWorks WS Pro offers a number of Model building tools designed to cut down the time taken to construct and set up models infoworks ws analysis.

InfoWorks WS Pro powerful thematic displays can then be used to fully illustrate results. You confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy. Custom SQL queries and custom reports allow almost limitless opportunities for analysis. The unprecedented speed is a result of a number of unique features in the simulation process. By running simulations at suspected leak locations and comparing the model with actual readings from pressure and flow loggers, InfoWorks WS Pro suggests where leaks are likely to occur.

Over the recent years, we have developed original methodologies for hydraulic modelling based on the current good engineering practices in EU and particularly on the worldly acknowledged British approach.

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