I don’t think symlinks are supported on Windows. On the following dialog, choose Typical Installation and the default install folder of C: More details coming soon All three of these supporting programs have distributions for Windows and are not hard to install. The above utility automates the above process. Compilation of several related wiki pages posted at http:

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Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies from around the world. However, once multiple versions are installed, it is possible to switch between them by simply swapping a couple of the configuration files and then restarting the Apache webserver. It is important at least for now that you install each of the following applications to the specified path if you want to librart sure Koha will work without doing a lot of extra manual configuration.

It is not necessary to download any additional Perl modules. This program was freeware when I added it to this list, but has now gone Shareware.

Koha on Windows

I am pleased to announce the release of Koha 3. See the above link for more help.


You need to perform four separate installations as cp. Koha W32 Install Packages 3. Consequently, I decided to put together some instructions and provide the virtual machine for download.

Koha 3.0.4 Download

You might want to check that. If you evaluate Koha, and decide it’s not for you, or if any of these installs causes problems with your computer, you can uninstall them using normal Windows procedures. Wednesday June 8th, at Henri-Damien Laurent Release Maintainer 3. There may be errors and inaccuracies that could be damaging to your system.

Or it could be useful for someone who wants to switch versions to assist the Koha development team with debugging and foor. The Koha W32 installs include all necessary Perl modules for both V5.

The older version 3 has been around for quite some time and version 4 was released this spring Important Configuration Files 5. Reinstall Koha as a local admin or manually add the above two lines to your hosts file.

However, there is one important feature winddows doesn’t work yet. If you are installing on Windows 98, do not use V2.


Download Koha

More details coming soon The website for the Koha project is http: Tuesday June 7th, at For example, if you have installed Koha V1. Do you know how to make Koha function when Perl is installed to some other location? Web site comments are not a good venue for asking questions because not as many people will read them. At the same time, koha.

Otherwise, enter your computer name without the www. Required Supporting Programs 2. Two of the required supporting siftware are supplied as Windows Installer. In all my testing, I chose the former, which is the kohw. Give due credit to previous authors and major contributors.

The guide outlines two options to install.

If you are willing to read and follow some simple instructions, it’s not very difficult. The Apache webserver needs to be restarted before the change will take effect.

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