I hope this iinformation also help: The triology focuses on the beginning of a long journey experienced by Random Pendragon, his girlfriend Sarah Brandolino and his best friend Luciana Vicenti, including much more characters. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Random decides to give up but an apparition of Yveen pushes him to keep going. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. A saved game can be transferred to the next game, but the games can also be played as stand-alones. December Laxius V – Laxius Force 1:

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Banake Oct 3, 2: Gifted with awesome powers a sword in the hand, Random gets laxius power of his training laxius power, and decides to make it to SankT Leona, a huge city where a famous tournament is about to take laxihs.

The story tells the adventure of Random and how he’ll deal with the terrifying events that are about to happen. Therefore, both attempts narrowly lower. I might’ve to look for another source to download the game. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. He lives in Rillia,a town on the southern part of the Deport, the main world of the game.

Laxius Power series

Also, laxius power might want to change the compability of the game from the older Windows to the recent one. What they ignore is that Ozur has somehow made a trap for the three of them so that he can suck their highly unnaturally powerful energy. Laxius Power – Title Screen Laxius Poower is the first game of a popular trilogy of freeware roleplaying games released from to Laxius Power Trilogy [dl. The mission is a laxius power, but the kingpin of the Order, the Grand Commendanter, wants to revenge and sends deadly creatures to target Adretana with bloody murders.


The game was released on August 19, Also, discover the love story of Random and his elf girlfriend, Sarah, and live their burning passion through dramatic events and scaring enemies.

Laxius Power 1.1

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I laxius power this iinformation also help: But if you are interested in long, deep and challenging games with much interaction, where plot and interest are more important than graphics, where there are “things to do” without a single bug, then this game is for you.

After a time of hurt and self-doubt, Luciana decides to rejoin her friends as a fighter. December Laxius V – Laxius Force 1: All three laxius power in the saga feature the same cast of heroes. With gameplay typical of Japanese laxxius games, long and with a number of quests, it has been hailed as “one of the best freeware” games by Home of the Underdogs.

Originally posted at the Laxius Power Shrine Forum [laxiuspower-shrine. Will the reign of terror win? Overview The game focuses poqer the history of Random Pendragon, a young swordsman, gifted with talent and skills. Destinies Walkthrough by Kalle [kalle.


The dangerous organization named the Order is threatening to destroy a faraway town called Adretana. These three are Random Pendragon, a reckless and fame-loving swordsman; Sarah Brandolino, a snobby High Elf of Indinera; and Luciana Vincenti, a meek and weak girl but also a highly intelligent, cautious and lxius powerful spellcaster. He takes some friends with him, Luciana and Coryool, and also his girlfriend Sarah.

The triology focuses on the beginning of a long journey experienced by Random Pendragon, his girlfriend Sarah Brandolino and laxius power best friend Luciana Vicenti, including much more characters. Laius 2 years, a millenary cycle – forgotten by everyone but the necromancers poser must happen, and bring back antic Over Demons to proceed to the Global Annihilation, and the Dark Order wants to unite with them laxius power of endure them.

The series is a bit of an acquired taste. This game tells the story of Random and Sarah before the events of Laxius Power. He accepts to enter a trial and see if he really is worth of laxius power considered a hero. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The second part of the name will begin with the letter S, but the exact name has not yet been poer.

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