A version of LoggerNet 4. The standard LoggerNet software package is recommended for those who have datalogger networks that do not require the more advanced features offered in LoggerNet Admin. After installing an upgrade to the current version of LoggerNet, why does the Toolbar no longer show all the buttons? Status Monitor – 1: When LoggerNet is reopened, the Toolbar should display the default buttons.

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What’s new in LoggerNet 4.1?

Short Cut included various refinements such as drag-and-drop for output selection, and a 50 or 60 Hz noise rejection option. Settings can be saved to a file and loaded to other devices.

When does LoggerNet do a clock check? The following shows notable compatibility information. What would cause a message from LoggerNet that the settings are locked by a user? Expand All Collapse All.

LoggerNet Trial: Get the latest download

What is new for LoggerNet Version 4? LoggerNet also runs on Windows 8 and Windows EZSetup Ethernet Connection – 2: If you are using a version of LoggerNet 2.

Also, check the update interval on the display, as it may be set to a higher value than expected. Robust, Versatile Contains advanced programming and communication capabilities.


The Device Configuration Utility has a new off-line mode which allows you to look at the settings for a certain device type without actually being connected to a device. What’s new in LoggerNet 4 Tutorial exe format v. Miscellaneous other changes and bug fixes have also been implemented in this version.

A version of LoggerNet 4. It is recommended that you install the trial on a computer other than the one running your existing LoggerNet. Often, an updated device driver will resolve the issue. EZSetup Ethernet Connection – 2: If that is not practical, we strongly recommend you back up the LoggerNet working directory to prevent backward compatibility issues if you revert to a previous version. The following fixes only apply to customers who are loggernet 4.1 to LoggerNet 3.

LoggerNet Software Changing Variables – 2: Please visit our Downloads page to obtain the latest patch: LoggerNet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product. Two new applications, View Pro and loggernet 4.1 Network Planner, are introduced. Version History LoggerNet 4.

If you are using a version of LoggerNet 2. Computer LoggerNet is a collection of bit programs designed to run on Intel-based computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. LoggerNet is loggernet 4.1 main data logger support software package. It is certainly possible for two instances of LoggerNet to communicate with the data logger. A version of LoggerNet 4. It can support connection to a single datalogger, but it is especially adept in applications that require telecommunications or scheduled data retrieval used in large datalogger networks.


LOGGERNET: Datalogger Support Software

To revert you must re-install LoggerNet using the original disk and software key. LoggerNet runs on both bit and bit versions of these operating systems.

View Pro — Graph – 2: Loggernst revert you must re-install LoggerNet using the original disk and software key. This lock will remain until the changes have been committed or cancelled, or until the connection between the Setup loggernet 4.1 and the LoggerNet server is severed.

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