And whatever books were dedicated to the subject concentrated on accentuating the plight of pandavas and continued condemnation of duryodhana suyodhana. Looks like the author decided to do a paradigm shift of popular perception, but in doing that he actually does Duryodhana an injustice. The initial parts of her monologue are her reminiscences about her childhood, her being gifted by her father Surasena to Kunti Bhoja, her marriage to Pandu, in both cases without anyone asking her preference or her feelings are the best of the lot. This is a masterpiece of the Mahabharata. I cried at least for half a day after finishing book – was so much involved. In the humid summer of the Gangetic plains Kanpur the library the only oasis of certitude.

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Most of the people got acquainted with the mahabharata through the popular sitcom. Mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant explains his kadambrai, the choices he made and the equanimity with which he had to face the consequences. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Karna’s real lineage is revealed in the extraordinary talents that he exhibits right from childhood. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Though its a bit one sided but compelling reading none the less.

Sign in or register Attention: So it isnt appropriate to picture Dhuryodhana mrktyunjay a coward in this manner, as far as i knowhe is i red “Randammuzham” by Mt so. Krishna’s monologue too is pretty much the usual one you come to expect. I read the Hindi and English versions simultaneously for a better grasp on the story not really used to reading in Mrittyunjay.

Shivaji Sawant

He is neither a villainous crony of the bad Duryodhana, neither is he the poor innocent led into the wrong path by Duryodhana. I have one “new in a box” book to sell.


Unlike “Yajnaseni” for which I had gone on a lengthy rant trip the women here are portrayed exactly as they should have been. Mrityunjay means the one who mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant death and truly Karna does. Karna, you might have had certain character flaws, but you are my hero. Mrityujaya was translated in many other languages.

This book has various chapters in which Kunti, Shon Karna’s brotherVrishali K’s wife and Krishna speaks in saaant person, trying to explain what they see through their limited resources. That armour always marks him out as special, in his own mind, and the ego gets pretty hurt when others like Drona fail to recognize this.

This is a good, but at times uneven read. Is there an english translation of this book? Eventhough it is little dragging in some places, still I can This is a well written book. Even if you haven’t read this book, even if your introduction to Karna is through mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant Mahabharata alone, you cannot shivani but feel empathy for the eldest son of Kunti.

मृत्युंजय by Shivaji Sawant

If he was denied by Drona during the archery competition at the beginning, then the curses that are heaped on him at the later stage also play a part in ensuring that he remains a tragic hero. He has an impenetrable armor and has golden flesh earrings which are attached to his body. He chafes against it because it is stopping him from doing something he craves, denying mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant the recognition he thinks he deserves.

Shona’s claim as his brother is much more than Arjuna. At the beginning of the book, Karna tells that he wants to tell his story because the truth has to be known, so why is the truth about Eklavya not told.

The book is made of nine section with 4 of them being mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant Karna’s viewpoint, and the rest from the Viewpoints of Duryodhana, Kunti[His biological mother: And if that shame, and the resultant blind loyalty to his lone supporter, Duryodhana was the result of his downfall. It is on par with Parva. He beautifully describes the life of Karna – the ever compromising, shivajl than everyone yet humble about it, rightfully a prince but denounced as a charioteer.


One could still see the strength in them. Written originally in Marathi, the English translation of the novel is from the Hindi version of the original. In fact when I see the inanities of the Star Plus Mahabharat, with its frenzied attempt to paint Duryodhan as a monster and Karna’s insipid support for him Main apne mitr ko nahi chod sakta, whateverand the teary hindi filmi farewell for Karna on his ‘mother’s’ lap, with all his ‘brothers’ weeping over him Duryodhana is conveniently absent from the sceneI am tempted to fling this book at the writers and ask them to get some perspective.

I am yet to come across an author who has such impeccable research about everything ranging from names and back stories of almost mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant characters involved, to the names of the food items, flora and fauna, musical instruments, regions and kingdoms smallest to largestmountain ranges, weapons mrityunjay kadambari shivaji sawant in the war, the rivers and their tributaries and the distance and time taken to travel from one place to another.

The ones who know Marathi please go for the Marathi one.

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