Whoa, I was not expecting this game to be so amazing! Click on the knob B ; examine the broken wall C. Thanks for submitting the review below. Zoom into the left bushes to access a MOS O. Escape from Ravenhearst Walkthrough is an in-depth guide to this thrilling hidden object adventure game.

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The journal will open each time a new entry has been made Above the journal is a link to an in-game strategy guide.

Click on the stomachs in this order A is the first lady on the left and E is the next to last: Start at fiels first one offered and play them all in chronologically order. Insert each baby into the device for a number to appear on the monitor: Go back to the kitchen.

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Walkthrough – Gamezebo

But it can’t be THAT bad! Black Ops 4 Sony PlayStation 4, Look over the railing 8. I’m really surprised at the low ratings, this is a masterpiece of a game!!! I know I found myself stumped a couple of times and had to go online for help. The second pill is in the pie in the kitchen. The Asylum Act 5: Zoom into the top of the cabinet; note the spilled beaker of blood R.


Last Dance Walkthrough Yuletide Legends: Use the buttons on the upper left side green buttons to select the rings B. In the sequel to Mystery Case Files: Click on the knob B myxtery examine the broken wall C.

Mystery Case Files – Escape from Ravenhearst Collector’s Edition

If you need to decrease the final digitclick in any order: Click on the board to activate a MOS The Morphing Objects 24 through 27 can be seen in this screenshot. Find 11 the morphing objects marked in red.

Zoom into her face and click on the 5 pimples red. Walkthrough Menu General Tips Act 1: Return to the lighthouse tower. This is step 2 in ocllectors screenshot. You will not be able to beat him; come back here later Click on the mannequin doctor Q. I have had this game a long while and never commented.

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

I never used any hints in the game, even on this level. Puzzles can be skipped by clicking on the skip button once it has been filled. Using the plus and minus buttons, change the center numbers to reflect the code on the book. Well, let me start by saying I have played this game first by accident without playing the other ones first, oops! Each time a number passes through the symbols, it will flip the image of that number.


Click on the buttons in this order: Walk down and go into the lab on the left door.

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