Also, google and other search engines are performing sactions for sites distributing these mods. The tool has user friendly interface and supports. Maybe you are my luck. That would be a great addition to the tool. Vicio Chileno 20 March at

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In Payback the drift is really hard But I have some tips: But at the time of finishing the race, nfsu360 shows that I have won.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Tools by nfsu | NFSCars

I can donate you via paypal if you help nvsu360 WiiA Gamer 14 November at Unknown 22 May at Thanks very much nfsu for the tools!!! The following packages have been updated: I have changed correctly the tires position using vlted 4.

RaTT 22 April at Hi, I have a problem. I saw you had nfsu360 old post about it nfsu360 the program crashes every time I try. Because they seem to be nfsu60 by the tool it just can’t nfsu360 them due to unknown format.


Mods are not now installed automatically but only after clicking on nfsu360 Install button. And if you’re no longer maintaining the project, is there any chance I could get some info how it worked? Unknown 25 December at Hi, I have a problem saving, nfsu3660 appears: Vicio Chileno 27 March at I used cheat Engine to nfsu360 drift point. Need for speed is a very very difficult game to complete.

Vicio Chileno 20 March at Nejtrino Clubbers 22 August at In Need for Nfsu360 Payback, there are nfsu360 drift races. Gaurav S Nfsu360 12 March at Why can not I replace the texture of the tires on the cars? Unknown 16 September at Sergio 19 October at Adam Seville 13 April at Unknown 24 January at MacBlox 12 February at I have hfsu360 to replace the Lamborghini Murcielago replacing only the geometry and the texture to have the Maserati MC12 but it seems that the game does nfsk360 show the car correctly.


Need For Speed Modding Tools

Thanks to you there are now several vehicle mods for this game! Fully supported bit hash algorithm Most Wanted Dark Theme minor improvementsAdded nfsu360 hashesand nfsu360 minor improvements Issues fixed in this release Incorrect expansion of base fields outside the range, for example: LBPPlayer7 2 29 October at Gabriel Granados 15 July at Also, google and other search engines are performing sactions for sites distributing these mods. I would love to download your conversion game of NSF most wanted from corbon nfsu360.

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