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The dwarves and elves are two of the few races that are free to worship their own pantheons in the Protectorate. Thanks to Menoth’s sort-of ban on magic, their warjacks are shit; they have the slow speed and inaccuracy of Khadoran ‘jacks and the fragility of Cygnaran ‘jacks in one mediocre package. Also, with the fight against Cryx ramping up, the Protectorate is pretty much the only nation that can count on their souls being saved from the Cryxian necromancers. Although the faith of the Sul-Menites is ancient, their nation is of more recent origins, having arisen from the Cygnaran Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator. Since he was a very martial dude, he ended up being killed in the battle for Caspia.

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The Protectorate arsenal seems primitive at first, using ballistas instead of cannons, and swords instead of rifles, but the tradeoff is buffs that turn many otherwise mediocre weapons to crazy levels of damage. Due to Cygnar forbidding them from making advanced weaponry at the end of the civil war combined with Menoth’s dislike of magic, makes their warjacks generally worse than the other factions, but units such as the Choir of Menoth and Vassal of Menoth serve to buff them up and make them on par or even superior to their heretical counterparts.

Church is also the political leader of the Prteoctorate, although most of the day-to-day operation of the nation is done by the Synod of Visgoths read: Overall he’s not bad but a bit inflexible in what he does.

They also love fire; although their ranged weaponry is about as accurate as a bottle rocket, it will set everything around it on fire when it lands. The nation is a strictly ruled theocracy. They found rare jewels, which they used to bribe Cygnar officials from looking the other way of their more and more obvious attempts at disregarding the treaty.

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Menoth besides being a dick is also very clearly the god of mankind.

While Cygnar and Khador fought each other and made Cryx stronger, the Protectorate marched its forces and stopped the Cryxian forces from stealing an Orgoth soul well.

Menoth then left mankind to pprotectorate his eternal battle. He was in Reckoning, the book he was released in, where he said “Fuck you, Hierarch. For Mk3 her feat was literally cut in half, and so many players discarded proectorate as junk. He’s got enough focus to fuel one or two warjacks, and has a defensive spell to boost the armour of a ‘jack, and an offensive nuke you will probably never cast.

Cast a spell at his battlegroup? While her massive focus pool of 10, the largest in the game, could be used to run a bajillion warjacks, it’s better spent on her powerful spells and to protect herself and you only really need the bare minimum of defensive ‘jacks with her Let Exemplars deal with enemy armour.

Protectorate of Menoth

The founder of the nation, Visgoth Ozeall, did not use this ancient title out of respect for the memory of Sulon, but his successor Luctine took on the mantle, and the Protectorate have been ruled by Hierarchs ever since.

Malekus, similarly to Feora, is all about burninating the heretics to crisps. Protecyorate Protectorate is located on the southern coast of the Iron Kingdoms.

In short, for a devout protecorate, the Protectorate is probably the best place to be. If he feats he removes all of your focus and fury, so you’re completely defenseless when he hulks up to tear apart anything short of a Colossal.

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And in the wilderness, the domain of the Devourer Wurm, yeah, that’s not really an option for a menite. Although the faith of the Sul-Menites is ancient, their nation is of more recent origins, having arisen from the Cygnaran Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator.


Bring his personal arc node Blessing of Vengeance with him and he’ll easily kill enemy casters and infantry with mind bullets. Fitting of the leader of the Daughters of the Flame, she’s also an infantry meat grinder with excellent assassination potential should the opportunity arise. The Protectorate has since expanded its territories and gradually broken all ties to its parent kingdom, culminating in its declaration of war upon Cygnar in AR, with the stated intention of reestablishing the rule of Menoth in Cygnar.

Instead of coins made from valuable ores, they use clay shaped into beads with holes through them so they can be tied to strings.

Yes, citizens of the Protectorate live in an extremely hot desert, they’re regularly conscripted to become fanatic meatshields holy warriors Although most actually volunteerand they follow a religion that demands total obedience to both the priesthood and Menoth.

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The Protectorate of Menoth is a theocratic nation and the youngest of the Iron Kingdoms. It’s an act of great satisfaction and humiliation to wrack the enemy caster. This page was last edited on 22 Januaryat In AR Almost years after the Orgoth were forced from Immoren the faithful started an ultimately failed rebellion, which ended in a treaty. Unable to save thumbnail to destination. Where Menoth embodies and is strengthened by civilization, order, and servitude, the Devourer Wurm embodies the wilds and feeds on chaos and savagery.

To help him he’s got a cookbook in one hand and a barbecue menotth in the other, but he’s pretty cool nonetheless. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Community Forum Discord Server.

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