Excel to Tally Select option: Sign up using Facebook. I try this Code.. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Friday, February 9, Group Master Entry form.

rtslink dll

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No need to surrender udiMagic license. Posted by Shweta Softwares at 1: Avaliable on Rent for ONE month at very low cost. Linking rtsljnk Software with Tally.

rtslink dll

The code will be put on this blogspot for the benefit of all interested programmers. This is already dicussed in the previous point. Automatic Posting of this entry into the Tally software is what we call “Linking with Tally”. Thanks In advace Imports System.

To send data from C# to Tally i am using bellow code but i am getting error – CodeProject

I am not a programmer. Import data from Excel to Tally. Tally software must be running in background Can I post data rtwlink my software into Tally directly? EXE kb is provided. Refer the notes given in each template. Show “Send function failed”, “Error no: To upload data into Tally Software, use the ‘Standard Excel templates’ provided in c: Posted by Shweta Softwares at 3: These tags will be different for each module.


rtslink dll

I try this Code. Create a Company in Tally.

rtslink dll

This program has been developed in Visual Foxpro 6 and demonstrates how you can link your application with Tally Accounting Software. Import rtslimk into Tally Select Excel File: Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Installing udiMagic is quite easy and simple.

Thursday, February 8, Good Programming Practices. Before starting udiMagic, ensure that Tally Software is running and a Company is open. Tally to Excel utility.

Excel to Tally @ INR 500 p.m

It is created and distributed by Shweta Softwares and was first launched in A quick tour of how to import data from Excel into Rtsink Software using udiMagic. You will have to subsitute the object names “Form1”, “txtname”, “cmbParent” etc in your code. Imports only Financial data without inventory into Tally.

Friday, February 9, Group Master Entry form. Import records from Excel to Tally in 5 minutes using udiMagic software.


Let’s now import the Excel data into Tally Software. Ledgers, StockItem masters are automatically created before importing the vouchers in Tally. Download the latest version of udiMagic software Run the setup to install Upon successfull installation, you shall get udiMagic shortcut on the desktop.

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