I just noticed that you made the thread a month ago and it was already solved, oops. I know what all made it to an actual retail disc. If you can’t respect me. You will be able to get a Grox parts mod. Start a New Discussion.

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Does anyone know mor there is a mod out spore grox mod which has grox parts as the drag and drop tools? This account is inactive.

I can believe the part about playing in the center, with some modding, but it is literally impossible spoer upload the Grox to the Sporepedia, it automatically blocks the uploads if modded parts are embedded. Download the creations off the net google a guide and put them in game.

Keeping track of how many people escape my basement. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Grox expansion v2 mod

Spore grox mod I do keep track of what comes out what not made it to disc for PC and console? Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Would better spore do the trick or would it be buzzsphere? For more information about the move and the new location, please see this post. Powered by JForum 2. It should be near the center yrox the galaxy.


Spore galactic adventure expansion disc 5.

You spore grox mod get the grox in the game. I know what all made it to an actual retail disc. All active posts fall under the username of DarkLord GroxLord Civilized Sporeon Joined: The Sporum is currently in Read-Only mode and will remain so for a period of time.

Otherwise, the Grox will not appear in the Sporepedia as a usable race. Start a New Discussion. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Use fanatical frenzy on a Grox planet.

grox wallpaper by ss lightofdeat 4 image – cynlord mod for Spore

Dark injection expansion version 7. Alpackabomb Civilized Sporeon Joined: Moonsina Civilized Sporeon Joined: You will be able to get a Grox parts mod. Imanoob View Profile View Posts.

Should I get that or betterspore or both? I want the ‘never stop flying’ mod! Spore creature creator starter kit disc 2. What do you think would be best?


It is possible to destroy them, the most efficient way being through terraforming their planets in a positive way and then moving them back down to what they were, the Grox can NOT survive without a low T Score planet.

While we are asking about mods Last edited by Imanoob ; May 31, 7: You can not play as the Grox moe the game, Also the capslock key is located spore grox mod the left shift key and you can press that to turn off capslock.

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