Click the Start Playback button. You can also purchase additional styles from the muvee web site. Muvee autoProducer 6 is from Muvee Technologies, a Singapore based company that’s made a business of creating easy movie tools. Allows you to set the duration in minutes and seconds. Check out the tutorial, explaining the new features on their site Click the Change Settings button to change the video and audio settings of the movie file type as required advanced users only. Use the controls in the Preview window to play, pause, and stop the movie preview.

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Click the Rename button to change the name of a the selected muvee file. Snapshot tool which takes a snapshot of a frame in your video and saves it as a picture.

Select a valid audio device from the dropdown field under Audio Capture device. To make matters a little confusing, the movies that styles muvee autoproducer outputs are also called muvees! Audio mix controls set the volume levels for your music, video soundtrack, style-related sound effects and voice-overs. Select the capture device that you want to use. If problems persist the camera may not be compatible and you will have to use other software to save your movies as files for importing into muvee autoproducer.

Please try again shortly. When saving is complete, you can click Autoproeucer muvees to watch the files you saved or Open output folder to view the folder where you saved the files. Revise and preview styles muvee autoproducer movie as often as you want to experiment with different styles and the content of the movie.


You cannot expand the duration of the chosen or replacement clip. Move the slider to adjust the Sound mix level of the music and original soundtrack. Click OK when you have chosen the location. I admit that I had a tough time creating my first movie on the computer. Click the auto-replace with different button to automatically replace a picture or video segment with a completely different picture or video segment.

Automatically adjusts audio playback volume to a consistent level. Styles muvee autoproducer and pictures may be repeated autoproducsr deleted.

Muvee autoproducer style pack social advice

My contact at muvee for this review was Tania Chew. Video clips and pictures repeat for the full duration of autoprlducer music files. Click the Add Pictures button. Each time you change a movie project, click the make muvee button again to add that change to the movie.

However, if you experience problems with certain features, you can use Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos. Using magicMoments Mark specific scenes in a video clip to include or leave out of your final movie, with the magicMoments feature in muvee autoProducer. Keep the total duration of magicMoments to less than 50 percent of the duration of the movie. Shyles your browser’s documentation for specific instructions.


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Click Done to add captured video files to your movie project. Uses the sequence of sound autoptoducer in the Add Music window. The style also affects how muvee autoProducer combines the video, picture, and music files in the movie project to produce the final movie. To save the movie as a file on your hard disk drive:. So muvee goes further – it does the entire editing for you from choosing the exact scenes, pictures, does the video mixing with some background music based on a variety of preset styles.

Muvee autoProducer 6.1.2242

Save and share your muvee in your preferred format. Choose the format as required. Select a Credits sequence from the drop-down window. For what it does, muvee autoProducer does it exceedingly well. The magicMoments window opens. Select multiple files by pressing and holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard while selecting the files.

Click the make muvee button.

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