The Value of Lasting Relationships

Deep down, we all want to rise above the ebb and flow of acquaintances in our personal lives and develop lasting relationships. We want friends and loved ones to be partners in accomplishing our personal goals, such as improving our golf game or raising a family.

What about the relationships we develop in our businesses or organizations? Is it better to form lasting relationships with others in an effort to better accomplish our business or organizational goals?

At Comit Strategies, we think forming a lasting relationship is invaluable. While providing great communications and IT consulting services is our primary goal, we also seek to build partnerships that will take our services to the next level, to better help us aid our clients in accomplishing their goals.

A great example of a lasting partnership is the work we’ve done with the Virginia Beach Education Association. Over the last year, we worked to build up the association’s ability to communicate via email, social media, and in print. Their primary objective this year was to advocate for additional funding for Virginia Beach schools, and secondarily to fight against state legislation that would have negatively impacted teachers throughout Virginia.

For the Virginia Beach Education Association, Comit Strategies:

Implemented a no-cost mass emailing service and database that allowed the association to communicate far more easily and more effectively than they have ever been able to before. Email was critical to sharing information about the budget process, ongoing legislation updates, and for event building.

Engaged association members and others through social media, primarily Facebook, to keep them alert of the latest updates. Through our work, the association saw significant expansion of their reach and ability to get their message out.

Utilizing the tools we put into place, we helped build attendance for a successful rally for public education. Over 200 people attended, and the event was covered favorably by the local media.

Through photos and video, we recorded the efforts of the association, and constantly shared them with those on the email list and through social media. When others saw what the association was doing, they were more interested in getting involved too.

The final project was a culmination of all the work we did with the Virginia Beach Education Association: a membership recruitment video to be used next school year. We did the video inexpensively through Animoto, another great low cost service. However, the content of the video would not have been possible if we hadn’t had a lasting relationship with the association and been involved every step of the way. Check it out:

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Virginia Beach Education Association, helping them to achieve their goals well into the future.

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