Originally Posted by Hydra Veteran factions is an ancient system that is difficult for me to troubleshoot since I don’t have characters from that time. Macro icons should properly behave when quickly switching steps. Creature Viewer will no longer display random creatures in item-related steps. Back button now retraces steps back, in the order they were visited. Voltans Just come across this guide, awesome!

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Some steps will have a “click here to proceed” line, which will complete the step when clicked. Sort comments by Oldest. Guidee email to Kevericks. Originally Posted by Jadax Getting the following error when logging into 3 characters: From our tests this now works correctly.

Zygor Guides ESO Leveling Guide (Community) : Map, Coords, Compasses : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns

Added lots of routs and detecters to a bugged quest in Zangarmarsh to make sure guuide this quest is bugged and customer cannot continue, then they will have routers to help them get their rep up to be able to continue. Well, Romans can keep their loti If you find anything that proves otherwise, please let us know.


Originally Posted by Hydra Hi, Zgor When talking to a flightmaster, during a “fly to” step, causes the flight to be taken automatically.

No more “where’s that destination Maybe this ghide been mentioned before, but what exactly changed before that was causing the Zygor guide 4.2 minimap to malfunction so much? Later, via answers given on the forumsthey confirmed they would not add a leveling guide for Summerset. You can still use it like that, though. Silithus, changed quest Dearest Natalia so it could be accepted after patch changes.

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Fixed some havebuff tags in Outlands Fixed incorrect npc locations in Darkshore, Alliance. Also, modified to increase recalculation frequency. Goblin zone now zygor guide 4.2 to Northern Barrens next instead of Ashzara, due to linear questing. Send a private message to Hydra I believe I can help clarify things.

Supports multi-floor maps partially. Dailies-Events – Took out Killohertz quest as made obsolete by Blizzard. Macro creation mechanisms no longer cause errors on characters with a full macro list. Back button now retraces steps back, in the order they were visited. Forward button now skips to the next step. If you run both, ESO becomes unstable. Send email to Onigar.


Zygor Leveling Guides for 4.2.2 Free Download!

Old version was in Teldrassil with outdated coords. Changed the location of Eoin Dunwal. Sort guidr by Newest. Some steps will now be able to tell you to use your nearest flightmaster, wherever you are.

Goblin zone now goes to Northern Barrens next instead of Ashzara, due to linear questing. Originally Posted by Hydra Send a private message to GMdoghunter.

Shift-mousewheeling the step number also works. Combined with turnin to allow auto-complete. Discord YouTube Twitter Facebook.

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