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Why WordPress?

By: Joel McDonald on

With the high market share WordPress holds, the active WordPress community, the universe of plugins to extend its functionality, and the time/cost savings developing on WordPress provides, we absolutely love WordPress.

FBI WordPress Security Warning: We Have You Covered with WP Covered

By: Joel McDonald on

You might have heard that the FBI recently issued a public service announcement warning those with WordPress sites about the potential for their sites to be hacked and defaced by those aligned with ISIL/ISIS. We just wanted to let our WP Covered customers know that their websites are protected from this kind of attack, and thought it was a good time to remind folks about what we do at WP Covered to keep our client’s sites safe.

About those Facebook legal notices: What you need to know

By: Joel McDonald on

You may have seen those “legal notices” people are posting. However, in order to take advantage of the “free” service Facebook is providing you, they get to use the content you post, “subject to your privacy and application settings.” This is a key point. Facebook, with their recent changes, is giving users more control over their privacy. You own and control your content; however, they get to use it if you make, and keep, it public.