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Avatar for Joel McDonald Joel McDonald is a web designer, developer, and communications consultant with a penchant for politics. He created his first website at the age of 14. He founded Comit Strategies in 2012. In addition to web design and development, Joel was elected to the Virginia Beach School Board in 2012, becoming the youngest person ever to be elected to local office in Virginia Beach.

You might have heard that the FBI recently issued a public service announcement warning those with WordPress sites about the potential for their sites to be hacked and defaced by those aligned with ISIL/ISIS. We just wanted to let our WP Covered customers know that their websites are protected from this kind of attack, and thought it was a good time to remind folks about what we do at WP Covered to keep our client’s sites safe from WordPress security threats.

WP Covered customer websites are backed up daily. Backups of our customer sites are stored both on our servers and in the cloud. Should anything catastrophic happen, we can have their website up and running again in minutes.

WP Covered customer website core software and plugins are updated at least weekly. Out of date software is a serious threat to both the operation and safety of WordPress websites. We personally update our customer’s WordPress core and plugin software and then test their sites for any compatibility issues. This is not an automated process. Our eyes are on our customer’s sites to make sure everything is working as it should be. We do this weekly. We also do it immediately when we see any announcement about a potential vulnerability, like the FBI announcement above.

We believe in taking care of our customers. To us, that means eliminating the worry about their website’s hosting, backups, and updates; allowing them to focus on running their business or organization.

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