Haral, 04 Sep Everybody is saying its amazing fone, ya sure it is.. The features are great, don’t get me wrong but I’m finding it doesn’t have the stand by time it should. However,I’ve had a problem that the phone sometimes restart itself during rapid edit of photo. Sound for calls is clear, albeit a little echo-ey, and it picks up everything. P or am seeing things at 1: The only comment I have to make is the battery life on the phone is very disappointing. Ill like to know, i never used the kf so i wont know:

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Is there a way to stop this?. Hey is this fone worth buying? I wish I had an iPhone – even two paper cups and a piece of string have a longer operating life than the Viewty. Also a bit sceptical about the hardiness of the expansive touch screen, certainly not to be kept naked in a bag next to keys or where it will be jabbed by other things and damaged.

I manage a hotel and therefore need a mobile. However,I’ve had a problem that the phone ku90 restart itself during rapid edit of photo. Hope this one iz as strong! The only comment I have to make is the battery life on the phone is very disappointing. Hteme anyone tell lg ku990 viewty iphone theme v3.0 the processor speed of this beauty? If u like kf more, just state y.


Whatt is itt like touu text is it easy or is it hard because of the touch screen???

Or listen to the LG employees comments praising it at your own risk. Aaaand the iphone has no video recording!

iphone theme on LG viewty – ძიების რეზულტატი – MYVIDEO

De, 08 Sep It’s the c like button between the talk and end keys This is a known issue. OMG its finally out d lg viewty tv out that is: When I turned the phone back on, battery does not even have enough power to send an sms. I’m using it now for three months. The camera is great and the screen resolution is nice too. There’s alot of software problem and the sensor keypad is quite bad as well.

I just got this phone myself and love I it! Newest first Oldest first Best rating.

LG Viewty Smart Video clips

Just got this phone and it performs well the camera excellently but having had a Sony Ericsson Ki immediately previous, I’m starting to miss the neat calendar features, such as specifying the exact reminder times for appointments the Viewty only allows preset times such teme 1min before, up to 3 days before – rather than 6am on such-and-such day.


I have it n its gr Now with old SW version. The battery is completely average. I bought this lemon in Sydney just before the iPhone was released and what a mistake it was!

Had the phone for 6 months. Lg ku990 viewty iphone theme v3.0 Mate 20 review. I really did not like my experience with this phone. I have been using SE K 4 ovr a year now n it proved 2 b a very gud fone so i m lookin 4wrd 2 a fone wid a better camera Can this fone take a 4gb card?

There is C button for backspace but i mean to ask is for soft key. It also came with only one shooting game so I’m searching the net for more. I have viewt correct settings on! The only problem is 3v.0 battery life. THe battery last long for about days.

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