Here is an example. Tuesday, July 8, 4: Allows an administrator to perform a copy without changing any of the permissions or ownership for the objects. I’m not suprised they kept this as an Internal app – I’ll stay with Robocopy for now. Something to do with daylight savings time or something? It is no longer being developed. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Thanks richcopy making available this great tool. November 18, at Usually, being lazy about it rihccopy simply copying or cutting files and directories and pasting them where they need to go.

Hope, I will get answers of my queries here: One thing I found is, There must be many users who use RichCopy to copy only updated files. So Richhcopy rechecked the exclusion richcopy in my profile and found that the option had been unchecked. There is no additional features, but the following bugs have been fixed richckpy this release.

Microsoft RichCopy is a file management tool, designed to rixhcopy you copy multiple files at the same time, richcopy order to increase the richcopy speed of the process. Hi, Have problems to use the “Copy if timestamp is updated” It still copies all files in the folder, and not only the new files that is the intention.


Friday, January 20, 2: For example if I run Richcopy to copy a directory with two files in it with purge selected richcopy copy only on time stamp update.

Download Microsoft RichCopy

Other options include purging, moving, verifying, or consolidating multiple sources. RichCopy can copy multiple files. The Exclude filter checkboxes are getting dropped when you do a Save As, and richcopy filed based copy option profile is used This is the profile that is saved in a.

The most striking part of the use of RichCopy is the simple user interface that uses the least graphics garnish as possible. When you copy many files between 2 folders, you have to wait some time. The problem is Application Data is just a symbolic link dont quote me on the specific type for compatibility to App data or something like that. I saw a few references to Richcopy in this thread; I think I’ll take a look at that. I thought what richcopy said above might work, but no dice….

Tuesday, October 25, 8: No, I have not experienced richcopy file corruption issues at least that I can tell.

Now sit and relax as the toolkit saves you all the hassle. In a traditional copy richcopy, a user must have permissions on a file or folder to copy it. The questions are old, however. Once richcopy set the option richcopy click ok, when you come back to the option it looks like richcopy tick is missing. I see a few other people have complained about this, but I see no fix?? August 23, at 8: Logging information is truncated when RichCopy is executed from the command line.


Try increasing the buffer size in the settings for folder and file copy. I am running RichCopy 4. Not an IT pro?

RichCopy – The Answer To All Your File Copying Needs

By the way, I couldn’t access the link you posted. I have two source folders. I have richcopy the same problem as Big Al. RichCopy does not preallocate space in the destination. Hello, this is a great app. Richcopy have been using this product for a huge file server migration and its working great, however I am now running into a problem with NTFS permissions.

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