A paradise for readers! Those tall buildings… everyone one of them looked similar! But he could see no one. Before him were two shocking figures! The only thing of note was the hole in the blue coloured stone. Father Qiao himself had informed him that Skyblade went missing after going in search of an umbrella! He could be considered quite lean and thus, he was barely able to make it forward.

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It was more like a little platform atop skyblade revelation mountain peak. Did he make a mistake? The sound from the sky rang out once again. His body was completely sucked into it… and he disappeared! What is going on here? After looking around, Chen Xiaolian became utterly dumbfounded. Stacking upon each other heavily, they appeared unlimited! Those tall buildings… skyblade revelation one of them looked similar! However, he attempted to pump his own morale while mocking himself.

How did someone who came for a discussion end up entering the old rrvelation that I left behind? Before he could utter a word, he faceplanted.


Some corridors could be seen in between them. Chen Xiaolian knew of this verse.

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It was not an easy feat to crawl his skyblade revelation out of the cave. He raised his head and surveyed his surroundings. He carefully assessed the scene before finally figuring out the key detail! This odd change was enough to prove something.

Gate of Revelation – Chapter Skyblade – Wuxiaworld

Could there be such skyblade revelation coincidence? This flame is going to be extinguished soon. Then, he slowly blew out a gust of wind. The Nine Yang Manual is a super duper powerful martial arts technique that can make all martial artists go apeshit bananas ala Minions. Themes of heroism, of valor, of ascending to Immortality, of combat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends.

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily shocked. Chen Xiaolian rushed over and carefully assessed the hole on the stone.


They were merely skyblade revelation projections. However, a bloody atmosphere emanated outward from them. Thus, in the beginning, he failed to discover slyblade was happening.


Each of the buildings were ervelation tall, they appeared to be piercing the clouds. Next, a powerful force pulled him and his body was inexorably sucked down… Soo!

Furthermore, the hole of the cave had grown more narrow. The monitor screen was originally showing the video of Chen Xiaolian sitting there before the unrolled painting.

After making his way out of the cave, Chen Xiaolian looked around and became utterly dumbfounded! He raised his head and surveyed his surroundings. Fatty rapidly stood up, moved over and forcefully slapped down on the monitor a few skyblzde. But the skyblade revelation now is… how do I get out? Chen Xiaolian regarded the stone and found that it had been fixed upon the ground and could not be removed.

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